Knowing just a few words, particularly greetings in the local Rukiga language will make you feel like a pro and will get you a lot of surprised laughs.

Here are a few essentials for your stay.

Agandi - How are you?

There are an endless amount of Ugandan greetings and this particular phrase is just one of many. It might actually cause further confusion because it will result in one of a variety of responses which are hard to predict, definitely expect a smile though. 

Webare, Munonga - Thank you

An essential word in every language. Munonga means ‘very’ so add it on the end as many times as you like to show the extent of your thanks.

Tashonga - No worries

No worries: for the rest of your days!

Ya benozire - It was delicious

It’s always nice to be able to fully show your appreciation for a good meal.

Turebane mukasheshe - See you tomorrow

A great sounding word as well as a bit of a lesser known phrase to really impress people with!

Tindakyega - I don’t understand

Helpful for when your language knowledge runs out!

Muzungu - Foreigner

You probably already know this one, but it is pretty essential and you will hear it everywhere in East Africa not just Uganda. It is generally used to refer to white people or foreigners in general but literally translated supposedly means “someone who roams around aimlessly".